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Virtual Dream Creations

Offering Drone and 360 Virtual Photo and Video Production

Welcome to Virtual Dream Creations!

We offer aerial drone photography and videos, as well as virtual 360° photos and videos. Whether it be for real estate or for cinematic production, we have a number of cameras to suit your needs.

Our FAA licensed drone pilot can capture images from a bird's eye view, while our 360° camera captures footage that can be viewed with VR goggles, or any other device, to offer the viewer an immersive and interactive experience. We also offer traditional photography and video creation.



We offer Virtual 360° walk through tour photos and videos of of homes and property throughout Western North Carolina. Virtual tours allow potential buyers (or renters) to visit your property without having to leave home. Selling a home in this market is extremely competitive and many homes are being bought site-unseen. Virtual tours will give your listing a boost and help you find the best fit for your home. 

Do you have a short-term rental (STR) that you would like to promote? Let us create a Virtual 360 tour you can add to your listing. Not many STR owners are offering this yet, but it will become increasingly important to give potential guests a virtual taste of what makes your STR special. In addition to walk-through tours like this one, we can also conduct interviews with the hosts who provide a 360° guided tour. Below are some virtual tours of rental properties we have done. Click the images to take the tours!




We can render a highly accurate floor plan of your existing home, complete with windows, doors, built-ins and room dimensions. Real estate professionals agree that having a floor plan available for your property listing greatly improves the viewership and click-through rates.



We also offer traditional real estate photography services. Trey Carland, also co-owns Maid Men cleaning services, which has been cleaning homes and vacation rentals in the Asheville area for the last year. Through his work as a professional cleaner, Trey has developed a keen eye for detail. The end goal of cleaning is to create a photo-worthy environment that passes a white glove test. His keen eye for detail and interest in visual creation made real estate photography a natural fit.



We can also inspect construction sites, gutters, roofs, antennas, chimneys, trees, etc.  We can also help survey the lay of the land for new home location and/or site clearing.



Do you have a skill, service or other offering you would like to showcase? Using drone and 360 videos is a unique way to show the world what you have to offer! Here is an example of a drone shoot we did for Brian Carter of InnerVision Chainsaw Creations LLC.

Brian Carter of InnerVision Chainsaw Creations LLC

And here is a little drone video promo video Trey did for his Zen Mountain Tours website.


We can also capture your special events in 360 VR, traditional format or from the sky. Whether it's a music festival, wedding or family reunion, let us capture the event in a unique way to make the memories even more relivable. 



Do you have a business you would like to promote? Let us create a virtual tour of your space and get it linked to Google street view to increase traffic to your site. Whether it's a brewery, winery, restaurant, bar, retreat center, artist studio, museum, We can create virtual tours of farms, gardens, hiking/biking trails, or anything you would like to share with the world.



We also have state of the art traditional video cameras for recording anything you can dream of, whether it's seminars, workshops, how to videos, classes, etc. If you have your own video, we also offer back end services for editing and hosting.