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Virtual Dream Creations

Offering Drone and 360 Virtual Photo and Video Production

About Us

Virtual Dream Creations is co-owned by two brothers, Jason and Trey Carland. 



Jason is an author, entrepreneur, outdoorsman, and videographer.  Born in Asheville, his first foray into videography began in 2005 when he was asked to record and edit educational videos.  He instantly saw the value of the medium in enhancing training and education.  He has been filming and editing videos ever since.

“I have always enjoyed teaching and helping people to achieve their dreams. Using videos and the internet, we can reach more people without losing the quality of the lesson. We can put a video online and be able to reach people across the world.  Whether we’re providing training, or showcasing someone’s home or business, or even recording a special event, we can reach everyone who can’t be there physically to take part. With the advent of VR and 360 technology, we will be able to create a truly immersive experience. The future is only limited by the extent of your imagination.”


Trey is an author, entrepreneur, podcaster, youtuber, event planner, drone pilot and meditative hiking tour guide born in Asheville NC. He has written two books on Life's journey and now is taking his creativity into the multimedia world. His passion is capturing Life in all its glory and sharing it with others. As a storyteller, Trey has long used writing as a creative outlet but in recent years he has been drawn to tell stories through video.

"There is an inescapable beauty here in the area I have called home all my life. It is so rich with majestic scenery it's no wonder so many people want to live here. The mountains are just stunning and serve as an ongoing invitation for us to enjoy the miracle of Nature all around. In the meditative hikes I lead I like to remind people that we are walking into, and becoming part of, an energetic celebration of Life. Being in Nature elicits a deep peace and gratitude, which is what motivates me to capture and share that gift with the world.”

Trey has a collection of sunset and moonrise videos, as well as some lovely Nature scenes, shot using his Drone. His newest interest is virtual reality and 360 video. 

"I've always had an interest in VR technology and have been exploring ways it can be used to bring about peace in the midst of chaos. Nature is good medicine, but not everyone has ready access to it. VR technology can immerse you in Nature and enable you to take in the sights and sounds wherever you happen to be.”